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Author Bill Holmes

On Oct. 28, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), speaking at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., expressed concern that our current ability to do detailed genetic testing would lead to the elimination of people with certain traits. Even though I believe Paul was engaging in political rhetoric more than expressing an ethical concern, I also believe such […] Read More

The recent carnage by a man with known psychological problems wielding an assault rifle has spurred further rhetoric in the gun control debate. Meanwhile, many, many more are being killed with guns daily in our streets or in our homes. A plethora of editorials and opinion letters have been written on gun control, but nothing […] Read More

Not long ago, I encountered a woman whose husband of 56 years was dying after a prolonged illness. In great anguish, she went through a period of wondering if God even heard her prayers. Gradually she accepted that death was at hand, but tearfully added, “What about heaven? Will I see my husband again in […] Read More

How often from the waiting rooms and hallways of hospitals do I hear, “Let us hope he can rally again!” or “Is it really over?” Several years ago, I stood by the bedside of an elderly woman who was in the last minutes of her life. Her husband of 60 years and her son stood […] Read More

My Queen’s Square reflex hammer was my constant companion throughout 30 years in neurology practice. I used it daily to check reflexes as I endeavored to determine the neurologic status of those who sought my medical advice. It was also used to see if all reflexes were gone, as life itself had ended. He had […] Read More

Two-year-old Jonah was from one of Kentucky’s poorest counties. During his prolonged stay in the hospital for meningitis and seizures, the staff noticed that the entire family of five was at the hospital all day, every day. They ate off the patient’s dietary tray, slept on the floor and bathed in the hospital room. When […] Read More

Several years ago, I met Sally Jane as she walked into the clinic pushing her severely impaired granddaughter in a wheelchair. Sally Jane had become Melissa’s caregiver when her mother abandoned her, no longer able to cope with the daily behavior problems and seizures. Sally Jane had only an eighth-grade education, lived in a mobile […] Read More