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Author Berry Craig

“Sometimes, you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying,” my Presbyterian grandmother, God rest her soul, used to say. So it is with a $150 million Noah’s Ark theme park proposed for my native Kentucky. The project, called “Ark Encounter,” would feature, among other Bible-based attractions, a 500-foot wooden ark filled with live animals. The […] Read More

Mayfield, Ky., my hometown, will have a Muslim prayer space after all. The city’s board of zoning adjustments recently reversed itself and approved a Somali man’s request for such a space, which the media and many townsfolk have been calling a mosque. “This is a good-hearted town,” Tom Waldrop, a former city council member, told […] Read More

Just in time for next year’s sesquicentennial observance of the start of the Civil War, the Texas Board of Education wants new Lone Star State history textbooks that are more conservative. For example, the board has proposed that the new school books match Jefferson Davis’ inaugural address with Lincoln’s speeches. Apparently, the board wants to […] Read More