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Author Barry Howard

Barry Howard serves as leadership coach / consultant with the Center for Healthy Churches and is an board member. He lives in Pensacola, Florida.

Although expressions of forgiveness do not always require the forfeiture of penalty or restitution, authentic forgiveness does require the relinquishment of vengeance by the offended, and it does seek the reformation of the offender. Immediately following the model prayer, Jesus emphasizes again the importance of both the granting and the receiving of forgiveness. “For if […] Read More

I have often listened as church members voiced their best intentions of attending church and Sunday school, but then I have watched as travel plans, minor aches and pains, or the lure of a round of golf or another trip to the lake deter them from faithful attendance and participation. A few years later, our […] Read More

Children who attend Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, worship services or confirmation classes learn important lessons and stories that help shape their faith and values for their adult years. Children, like adults, may not immediately understand the significance of many of those stories, but through repetition, reflection and experience, the interpretation and application of the […] Read More

Lessons from the Exodus

The Exodus journey is the central story of the Old Testament. This ancient adventure teaches us many relevant lessons about walking with God in the postmodern era. After Moses overcame his personal reluctance to accept God’s call, God inflicted a series of plagues on the ancient Egyptians even as Moses began a diplomatic series of […] Read More

Lessons from the Ark

Stories from the Bible often have several different angles of interpretation. The story of Noah, for example, is a story that we learned as children and that we continue to reflect upon as adults. Theologically speaking, the saga of Noah addresses the dual themes of God’s divine judgment and God’s gracious deliverance. <?xml:namespace prefix = […] Read More

Choosing a Memorial Gift

After the death of a loved one or friend, individuals often want to offer a memorial gift to acknowledge their sympathy to the surviving family members and to honor the memory of the deceased. There are many different ways to provide a memorial gift. How do you choose an appropriate gift? Some individuals have a […] Read More

While we were driving through a popular vacation village, I noticed a sign near the entrance that boasted it to be “One of the Top 100 Retirement Communities in the U.S.” The homes did look attractive and the sign gave the village some distinction, but it certainly takes more than a sign and an attractive […] Read More

How do you handle your own pain and suffering? Whether you are experiencing the physical pain of illness, the emotional distress of grief, or the spiritual affliction of persecution, your suffering must be put in perspective or you may become a nagging complainer. Sometimes we complain about the most trivial things. Then, when we encounter […] Read More

When I took a human anatomy course during my junior year in high school, our class learned to identify the left and right hemispheres, the synapses, the cerebral cortex, and the meninges. Most of the time we were identifying these parts from diagrams and charts in our textbook. Later, our instructor borrowed a full-scale model […] Read More

During the summer months, I usually re-read the Psalms and the Proverbs. These collections comprise a part of the biblical literature known as “Wisdom Writings.” In the introduction to the Proverbs, the wisdom writer gives a provocative apologetic for ongoing education. The writer proposes that these proverbs are given “for attaining wisdom and discipline; for […] Read More