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Author Azar Ajaj

The church in Israel should ask herself: How can it better serve the Arab Israeli community in particular, and the Israeli community in general, in the light of the recent elections? I believe the church in Israel is doing a good job on the spiritual level by presenting the gospel message of salvation and hope […] Read More

The famous theologian Karl Barth once said, “We should carry the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other hand.” This will help us, on the one hand, to understand what challenges our community is going through, and, on the other, to consider how the word of God might help the church relate […] Read More

Three Israeli teenagers hitchhiking to their homes were kidnapped in the West Bank on June 12. Israel accused Hamas and initiated an operation to search for the three teenagers. During this operation, Israel arrested almost 400 Palestinians, including most of the Hamas leaders in the West Bank. Israeli forces also killed a number of Palestinians […] Read More