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Author Austin "Mack" Dennis

Austin "Mack" Dennis is senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Asheville, North Carolina.

Growing from a sheepish beggar to a seasoned witness, a blind man in John’s Gospel received his sight in his first encounter with Jesus, but his true perception deepened through social pressure, dramatic trials and excommunication. […] Read More

If Will Campbell were alive today – a Baptist preacher and activist known as a Southern white supporter of African-American civil rights – he’d warn us that all institutions, including the church, are corrupt and not to be trusted. […] Read More

I see our healthcare crisis as a crisis of communion. On Sunday mornings, when my congregation sets the table for the Lord’s Supper, we set upon it loaves of bread, which we call the Body of Christ, and a cup, which we call the blood of Christ. We place the table in the center of […] Read More