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Author Ashley al-Saliby

A group of anti-Muslim “crusaders” were stopped last week from carrying out their planned violence against a Somali Muslim community in Kansas. News of this plot in the U.S., where I’m from originally, seemed to me horrifically similar to the 1982 “Sabra and Shatila” massacres that took place in Lebanon where I now live, in […] Read More

Where does it begin – the hatred that wants to hear women and children scream in terror? What kind of narrative makes one willing to cause their suffering? If America is “ever going to get turned around, it will be a bloodbath,” Patrick Eugene Stein is quoted as saying. He is one of three conspirators […] Read More

Western fears about Islam and Muslims seem to be surging again, and there are political and religious leaders quick to point to anecdotes or news clips that only further incite tensions and hostility. They emphasize horror stories and brutal tragedies that can affirm our worst suspicions about a religion and its followers that still seem […] Read More