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Author Andy Watts

Andy Watts is professor of religion at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

President Bush has invoked God to explain his warfare, according to Robert Parham on It appears, then, that the tragedy occurring on the world stage at the moment is being directed by the Almighty, and Bush sees America as the protagonist: the hero. Why Parham thinks as much is based on a New York […] Read More

Losing Organized Labor

Organized labor, on its best days, attempts to do what Martin Luther King encouraged us all to do: develop a kind of “dangerous unselfishness.” Organized labor, on its best days, attempts to do what Martin Luther King encouraged us all to do: develop a kind of “dangerous unselfishness.”   On April 3 in 1968 in […] Read More

Losing Organized Labor

Why do so many Christians in the U.S. despise organized labor? Today, only 12.5 percent of the American workforce is unionized, whereas in 1954 nearly a third of all working Americans were members of a union. Nearly 4 percent of all union members work for the federal government. The drop in union membership can be […] Read More

It’s hard to argue with a businessman over the best way to run a business. Especially when that businessman possesses the credentials that Dan Haskell does: chairman of the Tennessee Jobs Coalition and a respected Nashville attorney. That’s why it is important to respond with care to his Nov. 12 editorial in the Tennessean on […] Read More

Vice President Dick Cheney acknowledged Tuesday that the violence in Iraq is not yet abating, and that the process of handing over security to Iraqi forces has “a long way to go,” according to an NPR report. The befuddling thing about his admission is, in mid-2005 he had declared that the insurgent violence was in […] Read More

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, R-Texas, proposed along with Representative Mike Pence, R-Indiana, a new immigration initiative meant to strike a compromise between the “amnesty” and “no amnesty” camps in Congress concerning illegal immigration. The proposal would, according to the Houston Chronicle, encourage “earned citizenship” by offering a guest worker program requiring a temporary return of […] Read More

Baptist Christians in America should take notice: the strong, well-fortified and constituent-rich lifeboat called the Southern Baptist Convention is pulling away from a sinking culture, one burning with sin. This lifeboat comes in the shape of the “exit strategy” resolution supported by the Southern Baptist leadership. Once a noble drama, the current life boat reenactment […] Read More

The Senate Judiciary Committee cleared the way for 11 million illegal immigrants to seek U.S. citizenship without first having to leave the country, the Tennessean reported Monday. For most Republicans, this is not welcome legislation. “Well over 60 percent of Americans in all the polls I see think it’s OK to have temporary workers, but […] Read More

Earlier in March the Tennessee Legislature took the first step toward officially amending the state constitution on the hot issue of abortion. Following South Dakota’s lead, the Senate approved Senate Joint Resolution 127 by a vote of 24-9. It calls for a 2010 referendum to amend the language of the state’s highest legal document. Tennessee […] Read More

The Tennessee Legislature just passed a comprehensive ethics bill that aims to restrain the influence of special interests in law-making by way of limiting the monetary access of lobbyists to legislators. The law, which Gov. Phil Bredesen is expected to sign, comes less than a year after four lawmakers were arrested in an FBI bribery […] Read More