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Author Andre Towner

Andre Towner serves as the Minister to Engage Communities with the District of Columbia Baptist Convention where he helps congregations and other non-profits discover, enhance and focus their passions and capabilities to address the most pressing needs of their communities. He served previously in multiple congregations and is also a 20+ year military veteran who spent much of his time as a search and rescue pilot with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Martin Luther King Jr. saw the movement he led as a call to redeem the systems and structures that created and sustained the evil and hatred that kept America from accessing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people. […] Read More

I was almost unable to write this article. Several weeks ago, I found myself in a terrifying encounter with a law enforcement officer in Mississippi. The day before the incident, I had conducted funeral services for my father-in-law, who was a retired Mississippi law enforcement officer. While the family slept, the following morning I gathered […] Read More