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Author Alex Awad

Alex Awad lived and served in Palestine for decades, serving as pastor of East Jerusalem Baptist Church as well as professor, dean of student and direct of the Shepherd Society at Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine.

Israel’s apologists often claim the Palestinian Authority persecutes Palestinian Christians. However, the Israeli occupation has made life unbearable for Muslims and Christians and poses the greatest threat to the Palestinian church. […] Read More

President Obama declared on Oct. 15, 2015, that Israel “has the right to defend its citizens” in a seeming attempt to reconcile with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This has been a regular theme in statements by U.S. politicians this electoral season. Another case in point is Hillary Clinton’s letter to Jewish leaders endorsing the […] Read More

Embedded in the Christmas story is God’s desire for peace on our planet. Luke announced that “peace on earth” was the theme that the angels heralded over the skies of Bethlehem on the night that the Savior was born. We can conclude from their celestial anthem that God yearns for peace on earth. But can […] Read More

Gaza: 100 Eyes for One

One hundred tons of bombs are Israel’s way of saying to the captive citizens of Gaza, “Merry Christmas, Happy Eid (feast) and Happy New Year.” These “gifts” that were showered from U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets demolished government buildings, mosques, a university, hundreds of homes and snuffed out many lives—among them scores of children. Like many […] Read More