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Author Albert Reyes

La Convención Bautista Hispana de Texas (The Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas or HBCT) is a fellowship of about 1,200 churches affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT).   The BGCT – a fellowship of 5,500 churches that cooperate to focus on missions and evangelism, education and discipleship, and human welfare and advocacy […] Read More

Try to imagine visiting the second largest city in the world with 28 million residents. Then think about that city in terms of a two-and-a-half hour flight from Dallas. I am talking about Mexico City. There are 1.9 million street children in Mexico City, 240,000 of whom are completely abandoned. The number of children roaming […] Read More

The New Baptist Covenant meeting was a wonderful gathering of like-minded Baptists. I have been invited to reflect and evaluate the meeting, consider what the future might hold for this kind of meeting and provide suggestions for local and hemispheric actions. Let me start with an evaluation using the name of the meeting:–New. The NBC […] Read More

I know what the law says about undocumented immigration, and I believe all our laws should be enforced. But I have a different question on the issue. Can we be proud of our immigration laws and the affect of their enforcement? Does immigration law produce liberty and justice for all? How does the intent and […] Read More

What will be the leading civil rights issue of the 21st century? According to Dr. Javier Elizondo, vice president of academic affairs at Baptist University of the Américas, “the mistreatment of undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Latin America and other countries to the United States of America is quickly becoming the leading civil rights issue of […] Read More

Texas Baptists’ first Bible college has changed its name to Baptist University of the Americas and has positioned itself to provide missional answers to the rapidly changing demographic landscape of Texas, the United States and ministry opportunities abroad. Educational and missional concerns bring the strategic nature of this institution into sharp focus. The future of […] Read More