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Author Aaron Weaver

Aaron D. Weaver is communications director for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, where he is editor of fellowship! magazine and the CBFblog. Weaver is a member of the Commission on Creation Care of the Baptist World Alliance.

The EPA formally proposed a rule to roll back protections to our nation’s waters under the Clean Water Act, a federal law that fends off unpermitted pollution in waterways. Clean water cannot be taken for granted. […] Read More

For two weeks in July, I traveled with a bunch of Baptists across South Africa for a mission experience followed up with a global gathering of Baptists – the 21st Baptist World Congress of the Baptist World Alliance. While in the country, I was reminded of the nickname given to South Africa by Archbishop Desmond […] Read More

Baptist ethicist Robert Parham caught my attention with an editorial following the Aurora, Colo., mass shooting on July 20, 2012. His observation that few faith leaders were willing to address an underlying issue at the heart of this tragedy – America’s gun culture – has stuck with me. “Faith leaders did speak about mourning and […] Read More

Since the massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, the subject of gun control has dominated political discussions. In recent weeks, however, the trial of Kermit Gosnell has captured the attention of many across the nation. Gosnell is, of course, the abortion provider who was charged […] Read More

April 22, 2013, will mark the 44th annual celebration of Earth Day. The first Earth Day in 1970 put environmental issues front and center in U.S. society in a very visible way. With more than 20 million Americans participating in this awareness effort, Earth Day displayed the grass-roots popularity of environmentalism. Historians have attributed the […] Read More

Abortion, homosexuality and church-state separation. These are all issues on which Baptists have made their diverse opinions loudly known to the public. But predatory lending is definitely not an issue that many associate with Baptists. Yet Baptists in several states have been fighting against the wealthy and powerful multibillion dollar predatory lending industry in recent […] Read More

When the House of Representatives voted on Jan. 2 to pass the much-ballyhooed fiscal cliff deal, President Barack Obama appeared on national television to offer a few stern words for his detractors. Toward the end of his statement, Obama called on Democrats and Republicans to work together and not allow the deficit and looming debt […] Read More

Baptists as a whole have a mixed track record when it comes to the environment. Some Baptist groups, such as the American Baptist Churches-USA as well as some moderate Baptists in the South, have voiced their concern on environmental issues since the first Earth Day in 1970.   Other Baptists, particularly those who are more […] Read More

I can’t say that I’ve ever been impressed by the theological insights of Newsweek editor Jon Meacham. After his recent editorial, in response to Lisa Miller’s lousy cover story article on gay marriage, I’m left with the conclusion that Jon just doesn’t get religion or at least Jon doesn’t get traditional Christianity. Here’s Meacham:   “No matter […] Read More

While not as well known as Martin Luther King Jr., Fred L. Shuttlesworth was the Baptist pastor most responsible for the success of the civil rights movement in the Alabama city known as “Bombingham.” Fifty racially motivated bombings between 1947 and 1955 epitomized southern resistance to integration. Shuttlesworth’s biographer, Andrew Manis, recognized the Birmingham minister […] Read More