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With Pentecost celebrated this Sunday, may we remember God gave us breath to live, move and have our being in the world and gave us breath to cry out against injustices afflicted on our sisters and brothers of color. […] Read More

COVID-19 has increased tension on families who are now with each other all the time. That’s why ‘Say Something Nice Day’ on June 1 and ‘Say Something Nice Sunday’ on June 7 are more important than ever. Let’s be kinder to everyone. […] Read More

For most of our history, Baptists have supported the goals of Thomas Jefferson’s universal education for all and Horace Mann’s vision of the common school. Yet, some Baptists recently have called for the end of the common school. […] Read More

As unarmed black citizens are gunned down by law enforcement and others, the silent church must speak up. Our silence conveys acceptance of this injustice. How many more black citizens must die before we actually get enraged? […] Read More

They claim they are defenders of freedom, but lockdown protesters, often armed, demanding COVID-19 restrictions be lifted have a misguided definition of freedom. Real freedom is found as we do what is for the good of others. […] Read More

As Christians celebrate Pentecost on Sunday – the coming of the Spirit to the body of Christ – all of us should reflect on the significance of the paraclete, the one sent by God to come alongside us, as we climb the right mountains. […] Read More

Like overgrown backyards, most churches have tangles because of all that COVID-19 has halted. We must be self-aware about the impact of our efforts and failings to keep it together amid grief and uncertainty. […] Read More

Baptist World Alliance leaders will celebrate Pentecost amid the global coronavirus pandemic this week by hosting a ‘virtual global BWA worship service,’ according to an announcement from BWA General Secretary Elijah Brown. […] Read More

The West African nation of Ghana has been on partial lockdown since late March. Schools are closed. Many are unable to work. Food costs have increased. As the lockdown continues, the need to help deprived and needy families will grow. […] Read More

Our society loves superheroes, but the real heroes are ordinary folks who don’t don capes. They have a moral vision. Their singular superpower is the determination to create a better world through audacious choices and actions. […] Read More