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The words of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two iconic leaders we honor on Presidents Day, reflect deeper qualities of character defining the presidency as a service to the people based on integrity, morality and reverence. […] Read More

Even as US Christians today exercise immense economic, military and cultural power, an example from a Latin American ministry in the ’60s shows what can happen when they give up power to develop strong Latin leadership. […] Read More

Nearly half of mainline Protestant pastors agree ‘nothing [is] wrong with two people of the same gender getting married,’ a Lifeway report found. Meanwhile, evangelical pastors’ support remains unchanged at 8%. […] Read More

The Constitution prohibits religious tests for public office, but a candidate’s religion is still a significant factor in US voting patterns, a report said. About one-third said they would not vote for Muslims or atheists. […] Read More

Overcoming and healing social divisions in the US requires all of us. To stop and reverse this social-fragmentation trend, we must hold our leaders to a higher standard that humanizes the basic dignity of those on the other side. […] Read More

Would Jesus tolerate Valentine’s Day? Human love only goes so far in approximating what perfect love is. We’re good at loving those who are close to us. For a holiday do-over, let’s extend God’s love, justice and peace to all. […] Read More

When EthicsDaily and Nurturing Faith unite to form the faith-based media company Good Faith Media, our mission will be to offer reflection and resources at the intersection of culture and faith through an inclusive Christian lens. […] Read More

‘Our Muslim Neighbors’

A vast majority of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims – over 97% – are upright citizens who defy combative, radicalized stereotypes and caricatures portrayed on the news. That’s the point in Victor Begg’s book, ‘Our Muslim Neighbors.’ […] Read More

Obesity’s prevalence has increased threefold since 1975, rising in all nations and with the most notable increases taking place in rural areas. Nearly half the world is now considered obese or overweight, a report said. […] Read More

The abrupt shuttering of Logsdon Seminary at Hardin-Simmons University in Texas on Feb. 7 left alumni, students and faculty with feelings ranging from shock to disappointment, from confusion to grief. […] Read More