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When Political Corruption Clouds Our View, Find the Silver Lining

By Colin Harris | January 28, 2020

The dark cloud of the politics of moneyed power and religious sanction have united in an unholy alliance to transform our collective consciousness into a tolerance of the dominance of our lesser angels. But there’s a silver lining.

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Eileen Campbell-Reed discusses the impact of cross-generational relationships in the local church in episode no. 9 of Three Minute Ministry Mentor (3MMM), an ongoing video series focused on informing and inspiring the practice of ministry. is proud to partner with 3MMM in featuring episodes twice a month.

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Sacred Texts, Social Duty: A Documentary about Faith and Taxation

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How Your Church Can Include, Welcome Disabled People – Part 1

By Martin Hobgen | January 27, 2020
Wheelchair with man’s hand on wheel

Welcoming and including disabled people in your church building requires more than adding wheelchair ramps and removing a few pews. It involves the actions and attitudes of your members toward disabled people.

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The Key to Making Time to Nurture Your Kids’ Spiritual Lives

By Christina Embree | January 27, 2020
Father and daughter drawing at table

All our families lead busy lives. It’s hard to find the time to nurture our children’s spiritual lives. But discipleship at home isn’t about doing more; it’s about inviting Christ into what you are already doing.

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More Than Half-Million Homeless in 2019 Real-Time Count

By Staff | January 27, 2020
Homeless man in orange sleeping bag on street

More than a half-million people experienced homelessness during an annual point-in-time count conducted in January 2019, a government report said, representing roughly 17 out of every 10,000 people in the US.

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What You Can Learn from John Ruskin’s ‘Scandal of Grace’

By Leroy Seat | January 24, 2020
John Ruskin in 1882

John Ruskin was an influential British writer and social thinker in the last half of the 19th century. His most important literary work highlighted what has been called “the scandal of grace,” drawing praise from Gandhi to Tolstoy.

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Christians Declined Slightly as Percent of Global Population

By Staff | January 24, 2020
Planet covered with facial photos floating in space

The number of Christians as a percentage of the global population declined ever so slightly over the past 20 years, continuing a century-long trend that’s expected to reverse course in the decades to come, a study says.

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