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Christians’ Healing Response Can Help Close Middle East Wounds

By Martin Accad | January 23, 2020

In an area of the world in deep need of healing, the assassination of Qasem Soleimani reopened the festering wounds of victimhood. Christians must embrace Christ as wounded healer to find a source of healing for societies around us.

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Reducing Mental Health Stigma in Your Church Workplace

By Rebekah Gordon | January 22, 2020
Church pews with sunlight shining down

Opening up about mental health issues at work, including churches, is often difficult to do. It requires disclosure and vulnerability. Achieving an open environment in your church workspace may be possible, but it might take time.

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When Will Churches Extend the Welcome Mat for All? – Part 2

By Andrea King | January 22, 2020
Welcome message before a pair of feet

If churches are serious about really welcoming, really including, they will have to find a way to communicate a welcome that reaches out to “others” who have learned long ago they are not welcome.

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Pope: Center Public Policy on Humanity, Not Power and Profits

By Staff | January 22, 2020
Pope Francis

Public policy should place humans, not power and profits, at the center of its considerations. That was Pope Francis’ message to participants at this year’s World Economic Forum.

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When Will Churches Extend the Welcome Mat for All? – Part 1

By Andrea King | January 21, 2020
Welcome message before pair of feet

Diversity and inclusion built strength and resilience in the early church, threatening political and social powers. Today, the church is increasingly known for accepting some and rejecting others. It’s not what we’re called to be.

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Long Journey Ahead to Overcome Poverty of Segregation

By Jim Kelsey | January 21, 2020
Martin Luther King Jr. memorial

Rather than a day of victory, we should see Martin Luther King Jr. Day as an encouraging landmark on the continuing road to justice in our nation. We still live in a segregated society. Our journey to wholeness is far from over.

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