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Forest Fires and New Life

By Mitch Randall | August 22, 2019

A forest fire seems to be a picture of destruction, but unseen seeds are being planted for new life to spring up. So too must the church allow the divine fires to consume our old ways in order for God’s new seeds to be planted.

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Diana Butler Bass joins George Mason on the Good God podcast to discuss her book, "Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks," which focuses on the spiritual practice of gratefulness and her own journey of discovering gratitude.

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The Disturbances: A Documentary about Missionaries Saving Lives Amid Genocide

Recent Articles

Profiles in Goodwill: Miguel De La Torre

By Staff | August 21, 2019
Miguel A. De La Torre

Miguel A. De La Torre is professor of social ethics and Latinx studies at Iliff School of Theology in Denver.

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10 Reasons Why U.S. Flag Should Not Be in Your Sanctuary

By Craig M. Watts | August 21, 2019
U.S. flag flying from flagpole

Although many American Christians will insist the U.S. flag belongs in their churches’ sanctuaries, displaying the flag in church compromises Christianity. It’s worth the fight to remove the flag from your sanctuary.

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US Public Views on Abortion Largely Stable, Report Finds

By Staff | August 21, 2019
Sculpture of baby between a pair of hands

The US public’s views on abortion have remained largely stable over the years. Those who think it should be legal in all cases rose to 23%, while those who believe it should be illegal in all cases dropped to 15%.

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Resting in Deeper Roots of Hope in Our Troubled Times

By Colin Harris | August 20, 2019
Blocks spelling ‘hope’

Daily reminders of the breakdown of community and its many causes leave little encouragement for a reconciliation of opposing commitments and a refocusing on a common good. There is hope, but it may be different than what we think.

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White Christians Must Step Up to End Racial Injustice

By Paul Baxley | August 20, 2019
Scales with white pawn outweighing black pawn

White Christians have played an undeniable role in the perpetuation of slavery and other structures that have kept black people in bondage. It’s time to step out of our silence that continues to perpetuate the status quo.

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