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When We Treat Strangers Kindly, We’re Deemed Ready for Peace

By Fred Guttman | December 6, 2019

In Jewish tradition, Elijah often appears in the guise of an old beggar. The legend says if we treat beggars kindly, the world is deemed ready for peace. Did Elijah visit us and we didn’t notice him? When will we be ready for peace?

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Mitch Randall, executive director of, reviews some of what the organization has accomplished so far in 2019.

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Look Back | Christmas Hymns That Cry Out for Social Justice

By Richard Shadinger | December 6, 2019
Hymnal open

A number of our Christmas hymns have messages of social justice and peace, but we often miss those messages in our comfortable celebration of Christmas. These hymns call us to be agents of change for a world in need.

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Why Biblical Peace Creates Both Divisions and Solidarity

By Mitch Randall | December 5, 2019
Hand holding sword toward the sky

Biblical peace promotes divine justice in an attempt to bring wholeness and egalitarianism to broken systems. Even Jesus, who pursued peace for those abandoned by the elite, acknowledged he came not to bring peace, but a sword.

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4 Ways You Can Build Peace with Those of Different Faiths

By Martin Accad | December 5, 2019
Four hands interlock each other at the wrists

Rather than vilifying or marginalizing the religious beliefs of others, we must seek out ways to build communities of peace in our multifaith societies. Here are 4 ways to do that in your corner of the planet.

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‘Earthkeeping and Character’

By Steven Bouma-Prediger | December 5, 2019
Earth reflected in eyeball

Within the field of environmental virtue ethics, few scholars draw explicitly on the Christian tradition. Yet the Bible has more to say on earthkeeping than many people, including many Christians, realize.

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Profiles In Goodwill: Jeremy Bell

By Staff | December 4, 2019
Jeremy Bell

Jeremy Bell is general secretary of the North American Baptist Fellowship, one of six regional fellowships of the Baptist World Alliance.

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