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Resting in Deeper Roots of Hope in Our Troubled Times

By Colin Harris | August 20, 2019

Daily reminders of the breakdown of community and its many causes leave little encouragement for a reconciliation of opposing commitments and a refocusing on a common good. There is hope, but it may be different than what we think.

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Starlette Thomas, interim pastor of Village Baptist Church in Bowie, Maryland, and minister to empower congregations at the D.C. Baptist Convention, is interviewed by executive director Mitch Randall about what it really means to be "woke."

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Beneath the Skin: A Documentary about Baptists and Racism

Recent Articles

Creating Space for Survivors of Sexual Violence in Your Church

By Stephanie Swanson | August 19, 2019
Woman holding #metoo sign

For too long, survivors of sexual violence have been silenced, dismissed and even shamed by the church. Here’s what happened when one church created space for survivors to share their stories on a Sunday morning.

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Public Often Overlooks Domestic Labor Trafficking

By Staff | August 19, 2019
Person mopping kitchen floor

Domestic labor trafficking in the U.S. is often overlooked by the public, and U.S. labor laws that protect workers generally exclude domestic laborers, a new report says.

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Croatian Baptists Make Progress Spreading the Gospel

By Daniel Trusiewicz | August 19, 2019
Croatian Baptists leading guitar lessons

With the founding of two Baptist churches in the 1890s, Croatian Baptists today number some 2,000 members in four dozen churches and mission stations comprising the Croatian Baptist Union.

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Emerging Voices | What Women Pastors Taught Me During My Visit to Cuba

By Elizabeth-Anne Nordgren Lovell | August 16, 2019
Elizabeth-Anne Nordgren Lovell in Cuba

Being disoriented can be good every once in a while. My trip to Cuba challenged me to love radically and to care for others, following the example of the Cuban Baptist women pastors I came to visit.

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Controversial Comic-Book Series Preaches Christianity 101

By Michael Parnell | August 16, 2019
‘Second Coming’ comic book on top of stack

Mark Russell’s ‘Second Coming,’ a comic-book series pairing Jesus with a superhero, sparked fiery anger from Christians before publication, but its message is Christianity 101: You can’t win through violence or power, only love.

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