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Profiles in Goodwill: Tony W. Cartledge

By Staff | April 24, 2019

Tony W. Cartledge is professor of Old Testament at Campbell University Divinity School in Buies Creek, North Carolina, and contributing editor/curriculum writer for Nurturing Faith Journal and Bible Studies.

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The Only Hope Left to Thwart Climate-Change Disaster

By Rick Burnette | April 23, 2019
Protesters holding signs about climate change

Leading climate scientists have warned us the climate clock is ticking. However, with insufficient solidarity and widespread complacency, a viable solution appears to be far on the horizon. We have only one hope remaining.

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A Pride Parade (And Other Reasons I Believe in the Resurrection)

By Bert Montgomery | April 23, 2019
Neon rainbow with printed phrases about love

I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ for many reasons, including witnessing the colorful beauty and splendor at a Pride parade and listening to stories of coming out, of opening the door and emerging into a new life.

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Why You Should Urge Your Pastor to Take Off an Extra Day This Week

By Barry Howard | April 23, 2019

To bless your ministers and promote their health and well-being, you should encourage your pastor and ministerial staff to take at least one extra day off this week. In fact, insist on it.

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5 Practical Measures to Turn Around Our Declining Environment

By Sam Harrell | April 22, 2019
Close-up of hand holding cutout of earth

We need to be seriously concerned about our earth and the life systems that comprise it. These 5 practical measures offer a path of hope and will give us plenty to do.

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What It Means for You to Live Into the Mystery of Easter

By Colin Harris | April 22, 2019
Barbed ring casting heart shadow on Bible

If Easter is not just an event to be observed and celebrated, but a mystery to participate in and live into, what does this mean in concrete terms for our personal and corporate lives?

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