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Vulnerable People Too Easily Overlooked in COVID-19 Crisis

By Monty Self | March 31, 2020

The COVID-19 virus is straining health systems around the world, raising questions and forcing decisions regarding how best to care for those who are sick. Faith leaders must ensure vulnerable groups are not overlooked in the process.

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To Flaunt COVID-19 Warnings, A Failure of Biblical Proportions

By Mary Elizabeth Hanchey | March 30, 2020
Man wearing surgical mask

As the COVID-19 virus rages across the globe, some Christians flaunt the threat to public health, believing they will be spared when they assemble. But Jesus was crystal-clear: Don’t put God to the test.

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How Can You Beat Depression? Engage Mind, Body and Soul

By Barrett Owen | March 30, 2020
Woman sitting on dock looking out to water

With many of us practicing social distancing, COVID-19 is taking a toll. For some, depression will inevitably set in. Should you begin to feel depressed, practice some of these steps to engage your mind, body and soul.

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What Liturgical Worship Provides You: Tradition and Direction

By Justin Bishop | March 30, 2020
Justin Bishop in Oxford with Magdalen College Chapel

Many Baptists are wary of liturgical worship. While we were not made for ritual, we were made to follow Christ. The rituals remind us of who we are, where we came from and where we’re headed. The traditions give us direction.

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Think Your Life Won’t Return to Normal? You Can Get Close

By Elizabeth Denham Thompson | March 27, 2020
Sad man sitting alone on sofa

Your world is spinning out of control. Massive changes, shutdowns, chaos and fear increase your insecurity. Life may not return to normal, but you can strengthen your mental health so you can get close enough to get by.

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Lenten Lectionary | Grief and Presence Amid COVID-19 Virus

By Julie Pennington-Russell | March 27, 2020
Woman separated from man holding coronavirus sign

Many people are wrestling with the loss of loved ones as COVID-19 spreads around the world, but the final cruelty of the pandemic is its forced separation from those we love, just when we need togetherness the most.

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