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Selma | Courtney Pace Lyons, Selma, Movie Reviews
By: Courtney Pace Lyons
We need movies that show the horrors of our history in plain view. We need movies that stir our souls, quicken our heartbeats and empower our feet to take steps for change. "Selma" delivers. (Photo: Paramount Pictures) Read More ...
Courtney Pace Lyons

"Exodus: Gods and Kings" | Cliff Vaughn, Ridley Scott, Exodus, Movie Reviews
"Exodus: Gods and Kings"
By: Cliff Vaughn
Ridley Scott can't or won't shake faith on film, but one thing seems certain: "Exodus" works best when it's about Scott's artistry, not Moses' theology – imagined or otherwise. (Photo: 20th Century Fox) Read More ...
Cliff Vaughn

"Godzilla" | Brock Ratcliff, Godzilla, Movie Reviews
By: Brock Ratcliff
The new "Godzilla" does not disappoint. The monsters look great, and the destruction is grand and thorough. This is no mock-up of Tokyo being trampled by a man in a costume. (Photo: Warner Bros.) Read More ...
Brock Ratcliff

"Heaven is for Real" | Roger Olson, Heaven is for Real, Movie Reviews
"Heaven is for Real"
By: Roger Olson
Based on the best-seller about the purportedly true story of a 4-year-old's visit to heaven, "Heaven is for Real" is a surprising film, treating evangelical Christianity sympathetically. (Photo: Sony Pictures) Read More ...
Roger Olson

"Noah" | Terry Austin, Noah, Movie Reviews
By: Terry Austin
You might enjoy "Noah" if you don't expect a spiritual experience. If you're a big fan of robots and apocalyptic movies, this film may be what you're seeking. (Photo: Paramount Pictures) Read More ...
Terry Austin

"Noah" | Brock Ratcliff, Noah, Movie Reviews
By: Brock Ratcliff
While "Noah" is an interesting and thought-provoking movie, it is also cumbersome and stretched too thin. The film simply isn't entertaining enough to be worthwhile. (Photo: Paramount Pictures) Read More ...
Brock Ratcliff