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Goodwill Muslim Leaders Speak Up for Religious Freedom for Minorities

By: Robert Parham
The Marrakesh Declaration, a historic document by some 300 Muslim scholars, calls for religious minorities in Islamic countries to be treated with respect.

New Report Finds That Churches Create Stronger, Happier Families

By: Robert Parham
The church plays a significant role in strengthening families, especially among African-Americans and Latinos, the authors of a new book said. Stronger families mean a stronger and healthier nation.

Who Will Win Iowa? What Will It Mean for U.S. Christianity?

By: Robert Parham
On Feb. 1, the question everyone is asking will be answered: Who will win Iowa? Embedded in the question for Christians is: What will it mean for the future of American Christianity?

Iowa Evangelicals Answered Call to "Elect a President Who Will Lead in Godly Ways"

By: Brian Kaylor
A blizzard of evangelical voters carried Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to an upset victory over business mogul Donald Trump in Iowa's Republican caucus.

U.S. Leaders: Opioid Addiction and Abuse an Epidemic

By: EthicsDaily Staff
In a bipartisan hearing, senators addressed the growing challenge of prescription drug abuse that is taking place across the U.S. in both rural and urban areas and becoming a leading factor in incarceration.

Survey: Southern U.S. Most "Bible-Minded"

By: EthicsDaily Staff
The most "Bible-minded" cities are found in the southern United States, the Barna Research Group found. The annual survey found all of the top 10 cities were located below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Columns on Politics
'Curse of Perfectionism' Dooms Political Process

By: Zach Dawes
The demand for perfect adherence to a particular faction's ideology is having a detrimental impact not only on the political processes, but also on other societal institutions, including the local church.

My 'Endorsement' for 2016's Presidential Election

By: Matt Sapp
The presidential race turns to a new chapter today as the Iowa caucus kicks off primary season. Here are four things pastors and laity need to do as we consider which candidates get our votes.

10 Qualities for Our Nation's Next President

By: Terry Austin
What personal traits and skills are important for the next president of the United States? No matter what their political party, we need someone with the qualities to identify the best approach to the issues.

Columns on Baptist Life
British Baptist Church Earns Award for Going Green

By: John Weaver
A Baptist church in England has received an award to recognize its ongoing efforts to care for the environment in all areas of church life. It's one of more than 300 churches from all denominations to earn the award.

Fleeing Refugees Bring Mission Field to Croatia

By: Nada Jović
For months, refugees fleeing their war-torn countries have arrived in Croatia. They are the victims of conflict and persecution. When the mission field comes to you, how will you respond?

Helping Others to Escape Poverty's Grip

By: Bob Newell
Born into poverty in 1935, Elvis Presley overcame the odds to become a music legend. Many others around the globe face similar disadvantages. How can we as Christians give them opportunities to prosper?

Columns on Church and Theology
Our Workaholic Busyness Keeps Us from Sabbath

By: Guy Sayles
Many of us acquiesce to the fearful lie that our worth is inseparably bound up with our work. It's an insidious form of bondage that keeps us from the command and invitation to observe the Sabbath.

Every Church Must Adapt to Process of Change

By: Mark Tidsworth
Recognize it or not, like it or not, all congregations are currently in the change process. The question then is about adaptation: How effectively will you navigate these white waters of change?

Why Our Society Needs 'Amazing Grace' More Than Ever

By: Colin Harris
The coals of fear, ignorance and prejudice flame up to produce expressions of contempt on the public stage and in private conversations. We need "Amazing Grace" more than ever.

Columns on Culture and Media
5 Suggestions on What You Can Say to Someone in Grief

By: Stacy Sergent
When someone is grieving the loss of a loved one, the less said the better. Well-meaning words can be hurtful. Here are five suggestions on what to say - if you have to say something.

Our Stewardship of Earth Affects Many Species

By: Chuck Summers
Humans have radically altered the landscape of the earth. Many animals now have only a fraction of their original habitat. What we do with the land around us has repercussions on numerous species.

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

By: Martin Luther King Jr.
My Dear Fellow Clergymen: While confined here in the Birmingham City Jail, I came across your recent statement calling our present activities "unwise and untimely."

Columns on Family Matters
You Have an Invitation to Join Slow Club

By: Logan Carpenter
We're well into the Christmas season. Squished in with hope, joy and peace are parties, shopping, obligations, family gatherings and more. Know what you need? An invitation to the Slow Club.

Columns on World Religions

Movie Reviews
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

By: Joe LaGuardia
Although the plot seems recycled from "A New Hope," the blockbuster "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a rousing tale that reminds us of our own uncertainties. (Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd.)


By: Ircel Harrison
'Trumbo,' a film about a blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter, reminds us how easily we turn on those who are different from us. It's particularly interesting in light of our current political climate. (Photo: Bleeker Street Media)

By: Courtney Pace Lyons
We need movies that show the horrors of our history in plain view. We need movies that stir our souls, quicken our heartbeats and empower our feet to take steps for change. "Selma" delivers. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Book Reviews
"I Shall Not Hate"

By: James Gordon
In his book, "I Shall Not Hate," Palestinian doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish reflects on his experiences following the Israel's incursion into Gaza in 2009 that claimed the lives of his three daughters and a niece.

'Being Mortal'

By: Joel Snider
If we want to encourage the fullest life to the end of mortality, we must get over our fear of mortality and our denial of death. Honest discussions with caregivers, patients and families are critical.

9 Principles for Christians to Engage with Muslims
By: Jennifer Bryson
While Christians and Muslims have deep disagreements over faith issues, they can still relate to each other in a way that is "respectful, gracious and bridge-building," an author says.

Music Reviews
'Save the Day'
The title song opens the collection by juxtaposing elaborate pleasures with simple ones. It comes closer to rock-and-roll than any other selection on the album and grabs the attention of the listener, alerting us to the significance of the word "day," which appears at least once in ten of the twelve songs.

Religion News Service
Court Says Quebec Parents Can’t Pull Students Out of Religion Class
TORONTO (RNS) Canada's highest court has ruled that children in Quebec schools cannot opt out of a course on ethics and world religions.

Rick Santorum Defends Views on Obama’s Theology
WASHINGTON (RNS) Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum is defending his views questioning prenatal testing and President Obama's "theology."

President Obama’s Five Most Personal Religious Statements
(RNS) In recent days, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum has criticized President Obama for having a "phony theology" not based on the Bible.

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