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Tweets Spread Word of Untold Story at Ethics Luncheon

By: Robert Parham
After a preview of's documentary on the story of what missionaries did in Nigeria in 1966 amid several days of genocide that took 30,000 lives, the Twitter reaction was energizing.

Praise Be for Pope Francis' Encyclical on Climate Change

By: Robert Parham
Pope Francis will release his encyclical - one of the highest forms of teaching for a pope - on the environment next week. His words will wash over every other church body - even Baptists.

Ethics Luncheon Will Get Peek at Forthcoming Documentary, Recognize Baptist Leader

By: Robert Parham
Ethics luncheon attendees will get a peek at a new documentary - an untold story - about missionaries during a time of genocide in Nigeria in 1966.

Southern Baptist Leaders Join Growing Tide against Confederate Flag

By: Brian Kaylor
Southern Baptist leaders joined politicians and corporations who have suddenly changed course this week by publicly opposing the Confederate battle flag.

Few Baptist Voices Join Global Discussion on Papal Encyclical

By: Brian Kaylor
While Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment made headlines around the world, many Baptist leaders seemed to ignore the document and its potential impact.

U.S. Charitable Giving Surpasses $358 Billion, Tops Pre-Recession Levels

By: EthicsDaily Staff
More than $358 billion was given to charitable causes in 2014, a 7.1 percent increase from 2013, according to a new report from Giving USA.

Columns on Politics
Majority Affirm U.S. Drone Strikes, Many Express Reservations About Civilian Casualties

By: Zach Dawes
Nearly six out of 10 people approve of the use of drone strikes while more than a third express disapproval, a Pew Research Center survey says.

Fracking Debate Needs Balance and Sanity

By: John Weaver
The arguments opposing fracking are many and various, while the objective voice of scientific research struggles most to be heard. So what's a reasonable and balanced Christian response?

Southern Baptists Need to Keep Away from Party Politics

By: Thomas Kidd
Southern Baptists rescinded presidential hopeful Ben Carson's invitation to speak at their annual Pastors' Conference. Evangelicals need to stop platforming political candidates at denominational functions.

Columns on Baptist Life
'I Don't Even See People as Black or White Anymore'

By: Michael Helms
As more and more news about racial tension tears apart our country, more of us need to model the spirit of Larry, an older African-American, who no longer sees "people as black or white anymore."

Grieving Over the Loss of Phil Lineberger

By: Ed Hogan
Phil Lineberger, who passed away May 31, led the Baptist General Convention of Texas through its darkest hours. First and foremost, however, he was a pastor who loved his congregation.

Why Colonial Baptists Were Reluctant Patriots

By: Thomas Kidd
While Baptists were reluctant supporters of the colonists' war for independence from Great Britain, they also saw an opportunity for attaining religious freedom for everyone.

Columns on Church and Theology
Where Smaller Churches Can Find Their Next Pastor

By: Dennis Bickers
Some congregations spend too much time looking for persons with degrees and formal education. The next pastor or staff member of your small church may be already sitting in your pews.

How Will Seminaries Respond to Pope's Climate Call?

By: Timothy Gilbert
The pope's encyclical on the environment is a wakeup call to Christian and theological education to address pressing issues that will not wait and which have dire consequences for millions of people and creatures.

5 Ways Your Church Can Care for Creation - Right Now

By: Robert Creech
Pope Francis' vision for the environment is a call to practical action, personal ecological conversion and lifestyle change. Here are five ways your church can care for the environment today.

Columns on Culture and Media
Why Our Society Better Pay Attention to Men, Boys

By: Roger Olson
Men and boys are falling behind in education, family life and the economy. As they continue to decline, they lose hope and turn to crime. And that affects everyone in society.

8 Awesome Tips to Use the Bible on Social Media

By: Larry Eubanks
Christians often quote the Bible when discussing important issues on social media, but many use it to bash folks over the head. Here are eight things to remember when you use Scripture online.

Finding a Better Path to Respond to Migrant Crisis

By: Zach Dawes
Migrants desperate to escape violence and persecution are being exploited by smugglers and traffickers. Although government action has been anemic, the faith community must point to a better path.

Columns on Family Matters
Author Finds American Dream Fading for Millions

By: Martin Marty (The Martin Mary Center: Sightings)
In his new book, "Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis," Robert Putnam finds plenty of reasons to describe the American Dream as becoming almost irretrievably out of range for the young.

9 Ways to Help Children Grow Spiritually This Summer

By: Robert Guffey
Summer has arrived, and it's time for kids to play and make memories. Summer also provides time to intentionally help your children - or grandchildren - engage with God's world and grow spiritually.

The Field

By: J.V. McKinney
In a field of dirt and grass in a small Arkansas town decades ago, a group of black and white boys learned a lesson playing baseball together - a lesson many adults never learn in their lifetimes.

Columns on World Religions
Faith and Identity: Minorities in Constant Flux - Part 2

By: Rose Khouri
Identity clearly plays a role in how people interact with, adopt and even reject religion. The question of identity remains in contention even after a person moves from one religion to another.

Faith and Identity: Minorities in Constant Flux - Part 1

By: Rose Khouri
Millions of Christians have ancestors who did not choose to follow Christ willingly. Many of them, especially African Americans from the reversion movement of the 1950s and '60s, struggle with identity.

Critics on the Right Take Aim at Pope Francis

By: Martin Marty (The Martin Marty Center: Sightings)
Pope Francis enjoys near universal acclaim. While the pope is building bridges with many, Catholics on the right are displeased by almost everything he says and does.

Movie Reviews
By: Courtney Pace Lyons
We need movies that show the horrors of our history in plain view. We need movies that stir our souls, quicken our heartbeats and empower our feet to take steps for change. "Selma" delivers. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

By: Brock Ratcliff
The new "Godzilla" does not disappoint. The monsters look great, and the destruction is grand and thorough. This is no mock-up of Tokyo being trampled by a man in a costume. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

"Heaven is for Real"
By: Roger Olson
Based on the best-seller about the purportedly true story of a 4-year-old's visit to heaven, "Heaven is for Real" is a surprising film, treating evangelical Christianity sympathetically. (Photo: Sony Pictures)

Book Reviews
"I Shall Not Hate"

By: James Gordon
In his book, "I Shall Not Hate," Palestinian doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish reflects on his experiences following the Israel's incursion into Gaza in 2009 that claimed the lives of his three daughters and a niece.

'Being Mortal'

By: Joel Snider
If we want to encourage the fullest life to the end of mortality, we must get over our fear of mortality and our denial of death. Honest discussions with caregivers, patients and families are critical.

9 Principles for Christians to Engage with Muslims
By: Jennifer Bryson
While Christians and Muslims have deep disagreements over faith issues, they can still relate to each other in a way that is "respectful, gracious and bridge-building," an author says.

Music Reviews
'Save the Day'
The title song opens the collection by juxtaposing elaborate pleasures with simple ones. It comes closer to rock-and-roll than any other selection on the album and grabs the attention of the listener, alerting us to the significance of the word "day," which appears at least once in ten of the twelve songs.

Religion News Service
Court Says Quebec Parents Can’t Pull Students Out of Religion Class
TORONTO (RNS) Canada's highest court has ruled that children in Quebec schools cannot opt out of a course on ethics and world religions.

Rick Santorum Defends Views on Obama’s Theology
WASHINGTON (RNS) Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum is defending his views questioning prenatal testing and President Obama's "theology."

President Obama’s Five Most Personal Religious Statements
(RNS) In recent days, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum has criticized President Obama for having a "phony theology" not based on the Bible.

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