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Goodwill Global Baptists Pivot to Africa
By: Robert Parham
The Baptist World Alliance pivoted to Sub-Saharan Africa at its annual gathering in Turkey, with the election of a new president from Africa and plans for the 2015 World Baptist Congress in South Africa.

Christians Give Witness for Peace with Twitter
By: Robert Parham
Witnessing for peace through tweets and prayers might seem an anemic alternative to the hard power of missiles and military budgets, yet Jesus chose such "anemia" with his message of peace.

Central American Children Challenge Church, U.S. Border
By: Robert Parham
More than 37,000 children—most without accompanying parents—have crossed the border this year. It's a humanitarian calamity, a political debacle and a moral challenge for the Christian community.

Christian University in Ukraine Forced to Evacuate
By: EBF Staff
Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine have forced a Christian university to evacuate its buildings and have taken over the campus. Thousands have been fleeing the Ukrainian city daily.

Islamic State Forces Christians Out of Iraqi City
By: Paul Hobson
For the first time, Mosul, a city in northern Iraq, has no Christians living there. Islamic State, a jihadist group, told all remaining Christians to leave the city by July 19 or be executed.

Faith Leaders Call for Compassion Toward Undocumented Children
By: EthicsDaily Staff
Faith leaders are calling their followers to be compassionate toward the undocumented children crossing in large numbers into the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

Columns on Politics
When the Syrian Refugee Crisis Becomes Personal
By: Arthur Brown
Three Syrians become refugees every minute. Eight Syrian children flee their homes every two minutes. The cold statistics may not move us, but a smartphone alert changed all of that.

ISIS: Storm in a Teacup or Real Threat?
By: Ayman Ibrahim
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, known as ISIS, wants to restore the earliest days of Islam by re-establishing Islamic rule. Underestimating the Sunni Muslim extremist and militant group is not wise.

Does Microfinance Industry Need a Reality Check?
By: Hugh Sinclair
Some microfinance is good, effective and ethical, but the argument over whether microfinance works or not is a red herring. The key question is whether this is the wisest use of scarce capital.

Columns on Baptist Life
Baptists Around the World Avoid Cultural Groupthink
By: Sam Chaise
The Baptist World Alliance's annual gathering is a place where Baptist leaders can gather to avoid cultural groupthink and come to a deeper and richer understanding of their faith.

Human Trafficking: European Baptists' Anti-Trafficking Network
By: Marion Carson
For nearly a decade, the European Baptist Federation has worked to thwart modern-day slavery through its anti-trafficking network. While the work is overwhelming, God continues to be at work.

Monastic Living, Even Briefly, Can Be Truly Enriching
By: Neville Callam
Most of us keep quite busy in our fast-paced society. However, if you have the opportunity to experience the life of diverse monastic communities, you will find it a profoundly enriching experience.

Columns on Church and Theology
How to Hijack a Religious Tradition
By: Colin Harris
The priorities of the Religious Right and evangelicals have drifted far from their original roots. That's why it's always wise to be careful who you let tell you who you are.

Does Your Church Have a Trusting Leadership Culture?
By: Bill Wilson
The hardest part of ministry for many leaders is staff trust. While no magic pill will solve the issue, there are best practices and habits that can create a healthier church culture.

Asking Wrong Questions About Bivocational Ministry
By: Dennis Bickers
Many people have misconceptions about bivocational ministry, even seminary students. Here are some of the wrong questions that church members and leaders often ask.

Columns on Culture and Media
Individual, Church Initiatives Can Change Climate Trends
By: Zach Dawes
Previous climate-change studies have said temperature increases are nearly inevitable, but a U.N. report suggests there's hope. Can individuals and churches make a difference?

What Has Happened to All the Cults?
By: Philip Jenkins
Public concern over religious cults has sharply declined in recent years. The secularization of our society may play a role in these cults becoming more scarce. That may be a mixed blessing.

A Look Back at EthicsDaily's History of Quality Faith Content
By: Cliff Vaughn
As steps up our efforts to make our faith-based content available on TV, it's helpful to look back at how we reached this point, starting with an HD video camera in 2003.

Columns on Family Matters
When Burnout Threatens Your Life, It's OK to Say "No"
By: Joe LaGuardia
All of us have a penchant for helping others. When we help too much, we run the risk of experiencing burn out. That's why it's important to practice the spiritual discipline of saying "no."

Columns on World Religions
Anti-Catholicism: Early America's Refining Religious Principle
By: Thomas Kidd
When Americans debate the role of religion in the early days of our nation, we should not assume that our religion was always a force for good. The sad truth is that anti-Catholicism played a role.

Muslim Leaders Condemn Kidnapping of Nigerian Girls – Part 2
By: Arthur Brown
Boko Haram, the militant Islamic group responsible for kidnapping 200 Nigerian girls, does not represent the Quran's teaching on education or marriage, three Muslim leaders said.

Muslim Leaders Condemn Kidnapping of Nigerian Girls
By: Arthur Brown
It's a Western myth that Muslims do not speak out against the violent actions of extremist adherents of their faith. Here are three Muslim leaders who condemn the abduction of 200 Nigerian girls.

Movie Reviews
By: Brock Ratcliff
The new "Godzilla" does not disappoint. The monsters look great, and the destruction is grand and thorough. This is no mock-up of Tokyo being trampled by a man in a costume. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

"Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol"
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to go to your nearest theater and see "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol," one of the best popcorn movies of 2011. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

"True Grit"
The first "True Grit" focused on the legendary John Wayne. This new version by Joel and Ethan Coen focuses on a 14-year-old girl and what she'll do to make things right in a world of sin and loss. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Book Reviews
9 Principles for Christians to Engage with Muslims
By: Jennifer Bryson
While Christians and Muslims have deep disagreements over faith issues, they can still relate to each other in a way that is "respectful, gracious and bridge-building," an author says.

How Should Christians Form Relationships with Muslims?
By: Jennifer Bryson
In his book, "Grace and Truth," Rick Love provides Christians an alternative to "interfaith dialogue" with a particular focus on Christian-Muslim encounters.

"A Thicker Jesus: Incarnational Discipleship in a Secular Age"
Christian churches in the West today are in desperate need of repentance and renewal but need a guiding ethical method, says Glen Stassen in "A Thicker Jesus."

Music Reviews
'Save the Day'
The title song opens the collection by juxtaposing elaborate pleasures with simple ones. It comes closer to rock-and-roll than any other selection on the album and grabs the attention of the listener, alerting us to the significance of the word "day," which appears at least once in ten of the twelve songs.

Religion News Service
Court Says Quebec Parents Can’t Pull Students Out of Religion Class
TORONTO (RNS) Canada's highest court has ruled that children in Quebec schools cannot opt out of a course on ethics and world religions.

Rick Santorum Defends Views on Obama’s Theology
WASHINGTON (RNS) Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum is defending his views questioning prenatal testing and President Obama's "theology."

President Obama’s Five Most Personal Religious Statements
(RNS) In recent days, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum has criticized President Obama for having a "phony theology" not based on the Bible.

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