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NBCA Presidential Race Includes Documentary Interviewee
By: Robert Parham
Pastor Sam Tolbert, interviewed in an documentary about Baptists and Muslims, is one of three running to lead a major African-American Baptist denomination.

Restoration of Protestant Work Ethic Preferred Over Entitlement Mindset
By: Robert Parham
We need to challenge the entitlement mindset, not necessarily all "entitlement programs."

Addressing Recidivism Is a Shared Responsibility
By: Robert Parham
As recidivism rates go up, prisons are costing more and failing society. But they are not the only ones that are failing society. Too few churches have prioritized a commitment atop Jesus' moral agenda – prisons.

Diverse Reaction within Faith Community to Movie "Noah"
By: EthicsDaily Staff
Even while more people are reportedly reading the original story from Genesis online, the Hollywood blockbuster "Noah" has drawn a mixed response from the faith community.

Skype Interview: Robin Sandbothe on Social Media
By: EthicsDaily Staff
If your ministry uses social media, you have to stay on top of the changes. Learn how Central Baptist Theological Seminary views social media in a new Skype interview.

"Beneath the Skin" to Be Screened in Metro Detroit
By: EthicsDaily Staff
Sponsored by an association of American Baptist churches in Detroit, "Beneath the Skin,"'s documentary on Baptists and racism, will be screened at Detroit's First Baptist Church on April 12.

Columns on Politics
Christians, Muslims Collaborate to Curb Terrorism, Encourage Peace
By: Rick Love
When Christians and Muslims unite to promote peacekeeping in nations like Pakistan and Somalia, their work helps to undermine terrorism.

World Cup Preparation Ignores Migrant Workers' Protection
By: Vinoth Ramachandra
Since Qatar won the bid to host soccer's World Cup in 2022, more than 400 migrant workers have died on the country's construction sites. And that number could reach 4,000 when the World Cup begins.

Ukraine Crisis Needs Respectful Dialogue to Reach Peace
By: William Yoder
As the crisis in Ukraine unfolds and Crimea returns to Russia, all parties need to exercise linguistic disarmament. Only a cautious and respectful diction can point the way toward peace.

Columns on Baptist Life
Yes, Even Baptists Have a Liturgical Calendar
By: Larry Coleman
Baptists have their own informal liturgical calendar. The more you embed your life in the Christian calendar, the more meaningful the gospel will become. It's an invitation to experience all of Christ repeatedly.

Where Are All These Liberian Baptists Going?
By: Richard Wilson
Nearly 2,000 people have been traveling through Liberia in March, but they aren't migrants or refugees fleeing conflict. This movement of people is a pilgrimage of memory and hope.

Church Trends: What's Trending in Local Churches?
By: Zach Dawes
Four Baptist leaders shared their insights about the trends they saw in church life. Their top trends center on technology, staffing changes brought on by economic factors, and an altered focus on missions.

Columns on Church and Theology
Marriages Work Best with Mutually Submissive Spouses
By: Michael Helms
Some preachers proclaim that men and women are equal before God but created for different roles. That sounds good on the surface, but it's a model that's ripe for abuse.

Are You More Likely to Lose Your Religion if You're Online?
By: Chuck Warnock
The more someone uses the Internet, the more likely they are to be religiously unaffiliated, a new study says. So is it time for churches to rail against the Internet? Not in the least.

Why You Don't Need to Fear Interfaith Activities
By: Arthur Brown
Some evangelicals fear that interfaith activities will lead to watering down their faith, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's crucial to talk honestly about our faith to people from other faiths.

Columns on Culture and Media
Blessed Is He Who Writes Without Using Smiley Faces
By: Bob Newell
Those who vociferously bemoan the disastrous decline in what was once considered polite, civil discourse might well spend a few well-chosen words of grief over the corruption of common communication.

What I've Learned from Folks with Decades of Experience
By: Cliff Vaughn
Sharing conversations with people who have decades of experience is a privilege that's enlivening and empowering.'s media producer discusses several souls who have impressed him.

4 Post World War I Lessons: How Psychotherapy Helps
By: Alistair Ross
Counseling and psychotherapy can aid us in understanding who and what we are, which then helps us, through the church, to engage with the traumas of our contemporary society.

Columns on Family Matters
4 Suggestions for Parenting in the Digital Age
By: Brian Foreman
Families live in an increasingly digitally connected society because technology has become so accessible and convenient, but it can distract us from personal relationships. Here's what you can do.

Teaching Your Kids to Welcome Strangers and Be Safe
By: Nick Megoran
The stranger can be a channel of unexpected blessing and encounter with God, the Bible teaches. How do we teach this to our children in a culture of stranger danger?

Who Is Virginia's First Family of Corrections?
By: Cliff Vaughn
If there were such a thing as the First Family of Corrections in Virginia, the Myers family, who are featured in's new documentary on faith and prisons, would fit the bill.

Columns on World Religions
How Do People of Other Faiths Perceive Jesus?
By: Chris Hall
The perception you hold of Jesus may be quite different to someone with whom you share your faith. That's why you should know how people of other faiths perceive Jesus.

How Japanese Christianity Was Destroyed – Part 2
By: Philip Jenkins
Centuries ago, the Japanese government decided that Christianity was a menace to national security that had to be rooted out. Japanese Christianity largely vanished from official view.

How Japanese Christianity Was Destroyed – Part 1
By: Philip Jenkins
This year marks a singularly grim anniversary in Christian history. It's exactly 400 years since the start of the horrific persecution that destroyed the once flourishing church in Japan.

Movie Reviews
By: Terry Austin
You might enjoy "Noah" if you don't expect a spiritual experience. If you're a big fan of robots and apocalyptic movies, this film may be what you're seeking. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

By: Brock Ratcliff
While "Noah" is an interesting and thought-provoking movie, it is also cumbersome and stretched too thin. The film simply isn't entertaining enough to be worthwhile. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

"Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol"
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to go to your nearest theater and see "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol," one of the best popcorn movies of 2011. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Book Reviews
9 Principles for Christians to Engage with Muslims
By: Jennifer Bryson
While Christians and Muslims have deep disagreements over faith issues, they can still relate to each other in a way that is "respectful, gracious and bridge-building," an author says.

How Should Christians Form Relationships with Muslims?
By: Jennifer Bryson
In his book, "Grace and Truth," Rick Love provides Christians an alternative to "interfaith dialogue" with a particular focus on Christian-Muslim encounters.

"A Thicker Jesus: Incarnational Discipleship in a Secular Age"
Christian churches in the West today are in desperate need of repentance and renewal but need a guiding ethical method, says Glen Stassen in "A Thicker Jesus."

Music Reviews
'Save the Day'
The title song opens the collection by juxtaposing elaborate pleasures with simple ones. It comes closer to rock-and-roll than any other selection on the album and grabs the attention of the listener, alerting us to the significance of the word "day," which appears at least once in ten of the twelve songs.

Religion News Service
Court Says Quebec Parents Can’t Pull Students Out of Religion Class
TORONTO (RNS) Canada's highest court has ruled that children in Quebec schools cannot opt out of a course on ethics and world religions.

Rick Santorum Defends Views on Obama’s Theology
WASHINGTON (RNS) Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum is defending his views questioning prenatal testing and President Obama's "theology."

President Obama’s Five Most Personal Religious Statements
(RNS) In recent days, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum has criticized President Obama for having a "phony theology" not based on the Bible.

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